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Evolving The Image

Evolve was founded on family principles. The company would stay in the family, but formal ownership was bought by Lauren Regnani. While the mission of family and service remained the same, there would always be constantly moving, constantly improving parts.


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We pride ourselves on being dedicated to the constantly updating nuances of the insurance claims business.With the ever changing environment of healthcare, it became clear to Lauren that Evolve would need to take a serious look at itself. The decision was clear: Evolve would invest in enhancing all areas of service and production to better support businesses and the families they serve. So many of these great organizations that didn't have the resources to continually hire and train a team specifically to keep up with the evolving landscape of  insurance claim filing and accounts receivable. Now Evolve sits comfortably at the front of education and technology.


With this expertise, we are ready to help companies of all types and sizes with a friendly team that takes pride in helping clients and families find life-changing results.

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