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Evolve Virtual Assistant

Evolve now offers a virtual assistant service providing skilled

remote assistants to help small or large businesses to

automate various parts of the day-to-day operations. 

Small business owners are often caught at that tipping point

between having too much to do every day that distracts them

from their business and not enough money to hire full­ time

employees to handle the overflow work instead.


A virtual assistant can bridge that gap by handling a variety of tasks as needed for a reasonable hourly rate, freeing up time for owners to focus on the work that helps their business grow.

Virtual assistant services make it easy for users to request tasks directly with their VA by email, phone, or chat. These services offer pricing plans based on the total number of hours users can request each month or week.


Virtual assistant services focus on offering educated and trained professionals who can handle nearly any task capably and professionally. 

Office Space

Evolve Administrative Assistant

Call Center
  • Admin Assistant

    • Executive Services

    • Answering e-mails

    • Arranging corporate events

      • Meetings

      • Holiday events

    • Writing job listings

    • Arrange or conduct interviews

    • Create forms or surveys

    • Bank recs, pay bills and transfer funds

    • Database building

      • Sales

      • Lead generation

  • Bookkeeping

    • Excel spreadsheet and formula building

      • Pivots

    • Payroll

      • Calculate hours

      • Add expenses

      • Update salaries

    • Accounting

    • Client Billing

Evolve Bookkeeping Assistant

Evolve Marketing Assistant

  • Marketing

    • PowerPoint

    • Website design, not web writing

    • Marketing material:

      • Fliers

      • Brochures

      • Posters

    • E-mail signatures

    • Logo Design

    • Social Media Management

    • Presentation building

    • Brand Standards

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